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Innovative Home Theater Design

The home theater design team at LANGWORTHY ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC in Manchester, Connecticut, plans and installs the entertainment center you’ve always wanted. Dazzle guests and host amazing events with a custom-built home theater. We also sell flat screen televisions.

Authorized Technicians

Bring the magic of the movies and the pulse-pounding action of games even closer with a professionally installed audio system. As an authorized BOSE™ dealer and certified installer, we have the experience and knowledge to build you a theater and whole home audio system that immerses you in whatever you love watching.

Versatile Setups

We install speakers in any area of your home, complete with dedicated remote controls, so you can listen to anything you like, wherever you like. Enjoy your favorite music while lounging around your pool, hot tub, or in your own bedroom. Other ideal locations include the kitchen and dining room for a romantic dinner, the family room for entertaining friends, and the garage for lively hits while working outside in the yard.

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The Power of BOSE™

Wireless speaker technology from BOSE™ allows you to control the sound from your personal smartphone. Their built-invisible system leaves unsightly wires virtually unseen, and the in-wall speakers may be painted to match. The bass woofer may be concealed in the wall or hidden under the floor for maximum immersion, making the entertainment from your media center the only visible attraction.

Maritime Sound

Our services don’t just stop on land. BOSE™ even manufactures replacement marine-grade speakers, so you can enjoy quality sound on your boat.